Vacant Care Cleaning Service

We've all seen Vacant Listings that look "Vacant". Some look down right abandoned: Dead bugs, cobwebs everywhere and dry toilet bowls with water stain rings in them. This can give buyers a negative impression of your listing. Given 2 equal homes. Which one would you buy? The clean one or the one full of dead bugs and cobwebs?

We know you're busy!

This is were Sterling Clean Maids, LLc come in. With our Vacant Care service Sterling Clean Maids, LLc will check on your listing, so you can focus on your business! We recommend a Monthly or Bi-weekly service. Weekly is best if the home is seeing a lot of traffic. This service also qualifies for our frequency discounts! First time customer discount doesn't apply to this service. Prior to beginning this service home needs to have been cleaned. We recommend our One Time Clean, Deep Clean or Move In/Move Out cleaning services.

We do the following:

  • We'll clean up dead bugs and cobwebs.
  • We'll clean the "rings" out of toilets (Water must be on).
  • We'll flush toilets (If the water is on).
  • We'll turn the water blue! Using Clorox Blue Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
  • We will stock one bathroom with toilet paper, soap, paper towels and trash can.
  • Remove trash from the bathroom and replace bag.
  • We'll clean kitchen & bathroom counters.
  • Dust as needed.
  • Remove trash that may have been left by buyers and other agents.
  • Notify you if you run out of flyers.
  • Report anything out of the ordinary.
  • We'll also check to make sure doors and windows are locked.
First Time Customer discount doesn't apply to this service.