Why Hire Us? Our Name Says it All!


adjective:  (of a person or their work, efforts, or qualities) excellent or valuable.

Synonyms: excellent, first-rate, first-class, exceptional, outstanding, splendid, superlative, praiseworthy, laudable, commendable, admirable, valuable, worthy, deserving.


Quality, Trustworthy House cleaning Professionals

You can be confident your home and belongings are safe with Sterling Clean Maids, LLc. All of our employees are drug tested and undergo a complete background check! Sterling Clean Maids, LLc pays top salaries to our employees and a potion of their pay is based on performance. The better job they do. The more they can earn! So you can rest assured, the person cleaning your home is trustworthy and motivated. Sterling Clean Maids, LLc is also licensed, bonded and fully insured. So in the unlikely event of an accident or theft. We are fully covered. Sterling Clean Maids, LLc treats your home like it were ours—with respect and care.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Sterling Clean Maids, LLc takes great pride in our employees and do everything we can to ensure we only hire quality people. However, in the extremely unlikely event of an accident, damage or theft. Rest assured you are fully covered. Sterling Clean Maids, LLc will be quick to respond to any such incident and co-operate fully with authorities in the case of a theft.

We honor those who serve!

As a thank you for your hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Sterling Clean Maids, LLc provides a 10% discount to Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement & Firemen.


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Confidentiality & Safety Guaranteed

Sterling Clean Maids, LLc takes your privacy and home's safety seriously! Our employees will not disclose any information about your home to anyone. We will not open closets or cabinets, unless authorized or requested to do so.  While we are inside your home, we always close and lock the front door behind us to ensure no one can try to sneak in. You home's key is only identified with your customer number. So in the unlikely event that it gets lost. No one outside of the company will know what house it belongs to. When leaving your home we double check to make sure that the door is securely closed and locked. Sterling Clean Maids, LLc will not let anyone into your home while we are there cleaning.

You can expect the following from us:

  • Respect for your home.
  • Deliver the service you deserve according to the budgeted time.
  • Reliable Service.
  • We will always remind you one day before your scheduled service.
  • We will wear booties when requested to do so.
  • We only use quality name brand products.
  • We never water down our cleaning solutions.
  • We can use your products and vacuum if you prefer.
  • We will never ask for or demand tips. Tipping is up to each customer.
  • We will not disclose any information about your home to anyone.

Quality Equipment and Supplies

Sterling Clean Maids, LLc only use top quality name brand cleaning solutions. And we NEVER water down our solutions! We only use commercial rated vacuums. Our ProTeam vacuum cleaner has a 4 level HEPA filtration system, which caputres dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, pollen, mold and bacteria. These allergens could be lurking inside your home causing allergies. With the HEPA Media Filters, our ProTeam vacuums capture and contain 99.97% of allergens and asthma triggers 0.3 microns or larger.

Sterling Clean Maids, LLc helps you breath healthier air!